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Staines Maintenance is a leading Central Queensland based company, providing professional maintenance options to the mining industry.

We specialise in major repairs and refurbishment of mobile plant and equipment such as excavators, rear dump trucks, graders and bulldozers.

We have grown our business through focusing on the quality of our workmanship, carried out in a safe working environment.

Our team have pride in delivering a professional completed job, this ensures satisfied consumers providing repeat business.

In the ten year history of the company we have carried out the majority of our work, onsite at coal mines in the rich Bowen Basin. With the continued growth of our company we have now started the building of a modern workshop and office facility housing a 10 tonne overhead crane and washdown area in the Central Queensland township of Emerald.

Staines Maintenance Services acknowledges the importance of our employees, we recognise this through providing good safe working conditions, quality specialised tooling and a modern fleet of vehicles built to support our tradesmen.

Major projects are planned and overseen by competent and well trained supervisors. We have accepted the responsibility to train and mentor staff, including trainees and apprentices, this will ensure our company continues to grow in an ever changing work environment.

We are looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic people to join our team.

David Staines
Managing Director

David Staines

David StainesDavid completed his apprenticeship as a Diesel Fitter in 1983, then took a year off to travel. 

On return he then worked for a number of Civil and Mining Contracting companies throughout the Bowen Basin and New South Wales.

David started Staines Maintenance Services in 2006 and since then has grown the company to be a successful heavy earthmoving equipment maintenance business employing 20 people.

Staines Maintenance workshop

Air compressor

On site container